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Last update: April 01, 2020
At Artcoholics, we take the SARS-CoV-2 crisis very seriously. Therefore, we have decided to try and spread the official health & safety messages to protect against contagion, and we will keep this section up while the crisis lasts.

All the recommendations shown here are taken directly from the official sources, the Ministry of Health of Spain, the Spanish Government, and National Health Services.

We have moved all these messages into our area of expertise, and illustrated them with bits of original art from our own collections or the artist´s we work with. We hope this will be both useful and entertaining. In addition, we also hope this will provide a few seconds of boredom relief while we are all confined at home. We will continue adding these as long as the lockdown we are experiencing in Spain lasts.

Please, stay home. This is the perfect chance to learn to draw, to improve or to have fun catching up with all the backed-up reading.
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