You may contact us for any enquire and orders through our main email address
Enquiring about an item does not mean it is automatically put on hold. After confirmation of availability is provided,
payment is due in 48 hours, otherwise orders may be canceled without warning.
All prices are final.
IMPORTANT NOTICE with regards to art, commissions, books or any other ítems sold outside of this gallery
There is an increasing amount of services providing original comic-book art, as well as other kind of related products being offered on the internet and other outlets, in which the artists I work with may be involved in.

This gallery does not take part in any other activity or venture than those mentioned within the limits of this website and in such case it would be specifically stated. Therefore, I cannot answer queries regarding any activity the artists present at my website participate in outside this gallery, so please, understand that if your emails regarding anything that is not the original art being offered at the gallery go unanswered, is because of this reason.

In addition, this gallery declines all responsibility on any further use or retail of products originally purchased in it beyond the normal reasonable limits of the transaction with the primary customer.
Prices in our gallery are in euro. The price you may see in dollars is just an approximation as reference for our customers outside Europe. Payments must be made in the amount and currency quoted after you get confirmation of your order. Payments sent in a different currency would be returned automatically. Thank you for your understanding.
IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding privacy
In accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and its directive 95/46/CE, Gallery Artcoholics implements the following policy: that all personal data provided will solely be used with the purpose of completing the transaction requested by the customer. Data will only be kept during the time the transaction takes course to its conclusion, either by the receipt and acceptance of items purchased or its eventual return/replacement. After this moment, all data in any format, digital or hard copy, will be deleted permanently and destroyed and no kind of file will be kept for any purpose, nor will any data be provided to third parties under any circumstance.