Welcome. On this website you will find original comic art for sale of artists represented by our gallery as well as art consigned for sale by private collectors and our own selection.

Some of the artist represented by us aref the hottest Spanish artists in the market or great classics, some are both, like Jesús Merino, Juan GIménez, Alfonso Azpiri, Jordi Bernet, Agustín Padilla, Angel Unzueta, or Pepe Larraz. In addition, we work non-exclusively, with other artists like Sanjulian.

So if you are looking for anything of these artists and you can´t find it, or want to arrange a commission, just let us know and we may be able to help you.
39,325 € / $42,471
10,035 € / $10,838
110 € / $119
500 € / $540
20,025 € / $21,627
210 € / $227
165 € / $179