How to Order
If you see something that you are interested in, please write asking for availability to We will reply as soon as we can, it usually should not take longer than a few hours, Frequently you’ll get an immediate answer. If the art is available and you confirm your interest, we will work out a final amount including shipping to your location, and payment will be expected within 3 days unless we have agreed otherwise. Two payment options are available, and we will agree on one when you email. These can be Paypal, bank wire. Time-payments for larger amounts may be accepted, feel free to ask. We can also place items on hold for a few weeks for a deposit.

Once payment has been received, art will ship quickly, often the same day. It will be well packed and protected in custom-made packing material. We will contact you to confirm shipping and other details like tracking information. All sales are considered final, and refunds or exchanges are only accepted if we made a mistake when shipping the art.
Shipping charges
Some approximate prices are:
1 to 4 Standard 11x17 inch pages, sent flat to Europe: 17 euro
1 to 4 Standard 11x17 inch pages, sent flat to America: 20 euro
For other sizes, formats and shipping methods, personalized quotes will be provided.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ON PRICING AND PAYMENTS: Prices in our gallery are in euro. The price you may see in dollars is just an approximation as reference for our customers outside Europe. Payments must be made in the amount and currency quoted after you get confirmation of your order. Payments sent in a different currency would be returned automatically. Thank you for your understanding.

Anything not covered here, just email and ask.