How to Order
If there is something of your interest, please write asking for availability to We will reply as soon as posible, it usually should not take longer than a few hours, Frequently an immediate answer will be sent. If the art is available and the order is confirmed, a final amount will be worked out including shipping, and payment will be expected within 3 days unless it has been agreed otherwise. If payment is not received before 3 days, the order will be cancelled. This gallery reserves the right to accept future orders if too many orders have been cancelled without a reasonable explanation by the same person.

Two payment options are available, and payment mode will be agreed on during the ordering process. These can be Paypal, bank wire. Time-payments for larger amounts may be accepted, feel free to ask. Items can be placed on hold for a few weeks for a deposit.

Once payment has been received, art will ship quickly, often the same day. It will be well packed and protected in custom-made packing material. You will be contacted to confirm shipping and other details like tracking information. All sales are considered final, and refunds or exchanges are only accepted if a mistake was made by this gallery when shipping the art.
Shipping charges
Some approximate prices are:
1 to 4 Standard 11x17 inch pages, sent flat to Europe: 17 euro
1 to 4 Standard 11x17 inch pages, sent flat to America: 20 euro
For other sizes, formats and shipping methods, personalized quotes would be provided.
Appraisal services
If you would like this Gallery to appraise your piece of art from any of the artists represented here, this service is available for 75 euro. For this, you get a full report on your art with information on background, history, ttechnique and all relevant features. Thi service has a cost of 75 euro.
August 2020 Shipping Update
Due to the current international situation, the standard Post Office services are not accepting shipments to North America. Because of this, only private carriers like DHL, Fed Ex or UPS can be used to ship to the US and Canada, as well as other locations. Prices for this service are in the range of 30 euro depending on location, weight, dimensions and availability. Accurate information will be provided at the time of ordering.